Artwork by Lenz Geerk

Art Movie

Suppose we were there again, by the ocean,
With the winter air crisp against our thighs,

Our shoes clutched in hands that no longer
Held any feeling in their curved skeletons,

And the sun pooling at the base of your neck,
Eyes defiant and narrowed against its panes,

Suppose I were to remember it as a confession,
Of how my body forgets what it no longer feels,

Or rather, how my body no longer knows anything
But the light glinting off your shoulder, the slow

Ruins of a haunted ribcage learning again
To wrap itself around another chest, the water

Spilled over our bare feet, my breath spilled over
Your skin, we almost believe that there is

Something good that can come out of this, and us,
Suppose we knew to make it something other than

The image of the lover destroyed, to remain
The two figures on the sand, and entwined.

Suppose we did not stumble into that wilting house,
Its insides carved away by the spitting of the sea.