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On Market-friendly Feminism

In the past five years, in my own life, a lot has changed – rapidly. From being a seventeen year old girl who believed that politics would never really interfere in my life, to being twenty two, and realising that my very existence is political, as is everyone’s, I’ve staggered through many opinions of the … Continue reading On Market-friendly Feminism

On Orcas in Captivity

I’ve never seen an orca. Never even caught a glimpse of a tail, or even had a prospect of seeing one in the wild. What I have stumbled across in the past is videos of orcas performing for crowds, balancing their trainers on their noses before flinging them across the arena, as well as the … Continue reading On Orcas in Captivity

On Beginnings

While I’ve always loved writing, throughout my life, I’ve confined myself to more or less one literary form; if it wasn’t dramatic short stories about witches in the 1800s (I was eleven), then it was metaphor-charged poetry about the female body and its rage. When I started my MA in Creative Writing, I very quickly … Continue reading On Beginnings

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